Faceless Life

She cries rivers before submitting
to night’s empty call
fear never letting her close her eyes

it never used to be so hard
when she trusted herself
before you broke her
took this fragile flower, crushed it beneath the weight of your solid body
breaking not her heart, but her belief in being worth breathing
stealing everything
rough marks on pale skin
your hands branded through bruises
deep beneath the surface
pain you could not imagine

do not touch her
do not look at her

she will always be a faceless life
you’ll never forget

and you, the first steps towards
inevitable demise.

Infinite Collapse

Somewhere deep inside of myself
are missing pieces
about with organs
tangled in viens
and arteries
trying to break free
of a rib cage that refuses to succumb
to their whispered pleas
my heart, ragged
raging unto itself
collapses infinitely
somewhere outside of myself
I hold onto my composition
ignoring the violin strings of pain
the drum beats of regret
listening to pleas
of broken pieces
knowing this is no longer home
for them, at least.

Dreaming of Broken Hearts

We lie here naked
spend time dreaming of broken hearts
beating right out of our chests
to land on sidewalks
beside dandelions growing
between cracks of cement
in the dark places secrets cry
I thought I heard yours tonight
could have sworn
it was you, looking through the stain glass
years passed through cloudy eyes
still day dreaming, staring into starless skies
where are the stars
stuck searching for red, bleeding supernovas
laid out pathways of pain
I will win you back
I will find you again

Only to extinguish

It’s the sound of the waves
that crest only to bow before the shores
of eroded rocks and pebbles
of beer bottle glass from drunk and lonely nights
it’s the smell of the rain
just before he falls
flat on his face
to smack the pavement
with such permanent and unwavering belief in himself
it’s the sight of stars
that shoot momentarily across our skies
streaking trails of light
leaving behind no traces of existence, only to extinguish
it’s the touch of the rising sun
as she holds her head up high
a striking beauty that shines
it’s these moments that tug and pull on my soul
that remind there are many reasons to breathe
many reason to believe.


Close your eyes and embrace this
if only to open them with a new appreciation for
you’re left inhaling star dust
waiting for him to meet your eyes
carried away following rocketship’s trails
towards the sun
bringing warmth, dew drops
forget-me-nots blooming between cracks in cement
does he see?
nothing is permanent
so close your eyes with purpose
remember those times you ignited yourself
birth of a new star
only to now explode into a beautifully messy supernova
you are dust on the cosmos
you are blowing away

Living in Fear

You can smell the wilted roses
gun smoke
gravel kicked up from car tires
too fast
too soon

attempt to replace everything
like you’ve lost nothing
clucking your skirt in your hands
far from his hands that turn to weapons
bullets fired freely in the dark

hide your beautiful face
in the garden
do not allow him in
do not let him turn you sour
do not let him scar your skin

no matter,
I will love you still


Red blossoms bloom between blue mountains
fleeting glances
swift eyes meet only twice
shake yourself free from mornings sticky spit
last night’s stars twinkle on freshly imprinted skin
tomorrow doesn’t know what yesterday left you holding in
fear runs naked through dark fields with no moon
continuously orbiting around the idea of you
finger prints left on four leaf clovers
maybe it’s all chance
but love,
love believes in reason
dances down roads that know no end
sings and laughs and cries
hopes that humans will realize how
to open their hearts along with their eyes
love, believes.


If you’d only listen to
the rough,
beating of heart
against ragged ribs
that are tired of being used
to cage something
maybe then, we could rewrite
fate’s words before they leave
her frozen mouth
unlock the doors
recreate a different end for things
that maybe should have ended
my voice is drowned in
your navy blue seas
full of regrets and deep thoughts worth sinking
I am trying to be florescent orange
against your night
so maybe you’ll see
you’ll listen
to my breaking heart
as it fails